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What’s #DWP

Team Nolecoin is pleased to announce its evolution into #WEB3 by decentralizing the E-Book domain.

Product: The NoleCoin Team has launched the FIRST ever DECENTRALISED E-BOOK ON TRON BLOCKCHAIN!

The publishing of the E-book and hosting of it has happened on decentralized storage BTFS (BitTorrent File System)! The ownership of this E-book will be shared with Max 12000 people by the use of a UNIQUE and ORIGINAL NFT! The endeavor of this product is to decentralize the e-book market which currently is controlled by centralized players like Amazon Kindle etc.

USP and Benefits of #DWP

Owning a #DWP #NFT will give users

Ownership of limited edition e-book

A cool PFP NFT

Rights to re-sell the book after reading

Users can lend the ebook to their friends for a fee on a P2P basis

Act as a distributor and resell the book in the open market

5% cash-back on any purchases done on nolecrafts.com ; more discount coupons to be launched in time to come

Concept Brief

The book market ($140 billion industry) currently is centralized with publishers deciding what to publish. Further, the control of distribution is with these centralized players. Even for e-books, the content is stored in centralized servers which can be attacked/removed. The authors also lose out on a great chunk of total turnover to these centralized players.

Through this concept of #DWP, we hope to introduce the concept of decentralizing the e-book market ( $7 billion industry) to blockchain enthusiasts. In the current system the user buys and reads and then the e-book remains in his/her device. It is very difficult to resell them. Also, the centralized players hardly share distribution rights to retail users.

DWP will share the ownership of the book via an NFT, so the user can buy, read and then resell the book in the open market. They can also lend out the book on P2P basis. Thus DWP creates a first step to #WEB3 by decentralizing the storage, sharing ownership & resell rights through an NFT, and thus takes a step forward toward a censor-free, #decentralized world.

The book has been written by NoleCoin team member Debasish Das; commonly called Deba in the TRON community (Twitter - https://twitter.com/deba215 ) Deba carries a decade+ experience in the financial industry having retired as an Associate Vice President of a leading MNC bank. He has been an active TRON supporter for the last 4 years and loves TRON Blockchain.

Why #DWP Name

The team choose Deba’s wolf pack as the project name because they want to

Create a fun environment.

Wolf symbolizes family, unity, aggression & teamwork.

The pack here symbolizes the NOLE and TRON community.

The economics of the project is designed to benefit the project community and the TRON ecosystem.

TRON Ecosystem Benefits

DWP will be launching the first lot of 7010 e-books on TRON Blockchain and through DWP they wish to contribute in a small way towards the expansion of TRON Blockchain usage.

Contribute towards visibility and usage of BTFS and BTT Contribute towards usage of TRON Blockchain and thus increase energy consumption/burn. Being the first WEB3 e-book on TRON can potentially bring new eyes towards the fast and effective TRON blockchain. Create awareness about investing in blockchain so that people use things based on technology rather than hearsay.

How it all started

The idea started once the new Hackathon was announced! We were so excited so we thought of an original concept that our community can enjoy, Innovate towards our following, and upgrading our ecosystem and entertainment quality within the project.

We have experience in Building communities and Several Web3 Dapps and now aiming to be the first that Decentralized E-Books on the TRON blockchain. Letting our community enjoy a complete new Style within the community. The e-book is created to educate and create adoption, something that is really needed in the space right now, and we want to set a name for TRON trying out this new concept.

What it does

The Pack is here to create adoption, educate, and focus on community building while building a real project that you can count on. We are looking for more like-minded people to join us on this exciting journey.

How we built it

The idea was created in May 2022, Where Chevkev and Deba had a conversation that they would want to innovate with our community members and participate in the TRON Grand Hackathon this year. We wanted to bring structure to the project and bring new life into the VIP chat.

Deba and Chevkev combined their knowledge to open new doors for the project and use our lessons from the past 3 years to create a stunning experience for all pack members.

Challenges we ran into

Changes in the blockchain industry, Running multiple Blockchain products at the same time, Learning from lessons that you could only find out by doing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that we have been building since the start of TRON, It has been an epic journey since September 2018

We were early on minting NFTS in the TRON scene and our Trees are alive for a fairly long time now!

We are proud of everyone that is building web3 with us on the TRON blockchain. It has been an epic experience! Everyone is welcome to join the Pack to build Web3.

What we learned

We learned that quality matters the most, our community, act and work step by step, set clear goals, and meet the expectations of the community, focus on 1 thing at a time.

What's next for Deba's Wulf Pack

The First ever E-book & NFT of Debasish will be released.

The VIP chat will be transformed into The Pack In Season 2

The VIP will "Summon" The Pack into NoleVille

New Chapters are in the making for the community to enjoy in the Pack Chat

Lore and Storyline will be extended over time

The first Chapter of our Cartoon Series will be released Which we want extend into a 3D animation!

A new merchandise Line will be added to the NoleCoin collection with an epic cool Wulf logo that will be introduced soon.

New Pack chat features will be enabled

In a later stage of the Project, People that hold their NFT will have access to any events we organize related to Deba's Wulf Pack. or NoleCoin

Feel free to join our community at

Telegram link Discord link

Built With

  • btfs
  • tron
+ 10 more
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DWP is the first decentralised e-book on TRON Blockchain! #Web3 . Owning a #DWP gives users ownership of an original NFT, the e-book, resell rights and cash back options in NoleCrafts. Only owners of the DWP will be able to unlock the e-book !

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