We play a big game of Death by Dagger with friends and were inspired to make mobile apps of it.

What it does

Death by QR is an iOS app inspired by the popular group game known to some as Death by Dagger, Assassin, Murder, etc., which is enjoyed by campers, college students, and friends all over. DQR powers up this game of deception by leveraging the power of QR codes, assigning each player an identity, a target, and a predator. The objective of the game is to seek out and "assassinate" your target by scanning thier QR code while simultaneously avoiding your own killer. But, there's always a twist. You also earn points by allowing other players to scan your identity, which sparks a battle of wits as you try to smooth-talk and dodge your way to victory.

How we built it

We all used Xcode for the first time and learned Swift. We also made a server in Java.

Challenges we ran into

Merge conflicts... enough said

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of working together so well and learning so much about something none of us were initially familiar with

What we learned

So much Swift

What's next for Death By QR

We plan on continuing the server and app functionality. Additionally we hope to make more functionality for the watch app. Lastly, we want to implement an Android app, as well as a web application and hopefully put our creation on the App Store and Play Store.

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