Tour guide for Los Angeles, with some unique personality

What it does

Offers suggestions on a wide array of places of interests while sharing bias insight on all things "metal"

How we built it

Using MS Bot Framework, deployed to Azure with continuous integration from github. LUIS for ai. hosted on Facebook Messenger Platform and Kik.

Challenges we ran into

Integrations with LUIS were complex. Documentation for initial hosting setup took some steps for granted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Crafted a full product in less than 24 hours, including functioning and fully deployed prototype, a product launch site with email collection, and integrated on two platforms. Also created visuals for our bot - DeathAngel

What we learned

how to tie all the components together quickly. How to work with Azure.

What's next for Death Angel

We'll build out the LUIS ai library and train DeathAngel a bit more. Based on interest, DeathAngel may yet find fame in Los Angeles.

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