Our inspiration for Dear Pen Pal, was that we wanted a storyline that used at least one of the main details to explain to readers that the COVID-19 pandemic is a global circumstance. We also wanted to incorporate, using a main detail, that current communication in the world and many other things are not fully reliant on technology. Another thing that we wanted to state in the the story were children's points of view in order to make the story relatable and put it in a writing format where young readers could understand the story and the information in it. These three topics where our main building block and inspiration to come up with, Dear Pen Pal

As mentioned before it gives children a relatable outlet to learn more about the current situation that they are in. It is also an entertaining way to learn because of the fun-loving personalities of the characters telling them the information. Since the book is quite entertaining it opens up the world of reading to many young readers and displays reading as a fun activity. Some of the details that the eBook provides to children in a comforting and creative format are how hard medical professionals are working, communication about feelings and fun with family and friends, tips on how to stay healthy, how to deal with the situation of being directly related to the virus, the changes and differences in everyday life and how persevere through it and find the good in all positions.

We built Dear Pen Pal, by first coming up with lessons or certain bits of information that we wanted to share in the children's letters. Then, we started building drafts of the letters and as we did that we built the character's personalities. After, we started on our illustrations based on what each of the letters were speaking about. Lastly, we we constructed the eBook on Canva Pro.

We ran into multiple challenges. First, we could not meet in person to discusser ideas. Next, we were working against the clock while still keeping up with school work. Then, we also had to display deep information in a kid-friendly way. Another challenge that we dealt with was the fact that we were only aspiring authors and illustrators and this was every team member's first time realistically creating a book.

We learned many things over the course of the project. We learned how to create a book in full and that there were more challenges in the process of creation than our team had originally thought. Many of us had to develop new skills. For instance, how to write in a graceful and proper yet young sounding way, how to use new technological tools, and how to represent a younger age in our illustrations.

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