The toll of the pandemic has greatly affected women in their personal and professional lives. Our goal was to create a simple and creative outlet for users to express themselves, document their feelings, and relieve stress or anxiety. We wanted to create a platform to improve users' mental health through a progressive timeline of a daily video diary and affirmations that empower users in difficult times.

What it does

We created a web-app for a video diary, in which you have the option to create a daily entry or affirmation. The affirmations currently includes two options to record yourself stating:

"Today I am a Leader" or "Today I am Powerful"

The diary records users thoughts and affirmations, and we hope the creative outlet can provide a sense of comfort or confidence in oneself. The timeline can allow you to revisit memories and see how your mental state has personally developed.

How we built it

We utilized JS, HTML, and CSS for front end and then used Firebase for backend.

Challenges we ran into

Our initial approach was to develop the platform as a cross platform mobile app built in React Native and integrated with Firebase. However, since none of us had experience in mobile app development and Firebase systems, and considering the limited amount of time we had, it became too challenging to continue in that direction. Therefore, we had to pivot our approach to play to our skill sets within the available time.

Another issue was figuring out how to access the video file from a device and upload and store it in Google Cloud.

We had team members in various places around the world in different time zones, so coordinating our schedules was a small issue when we were all trying to collaborate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Super proud that we were able to come up with a great idea and create a tangible product.

Also it's amazing how much we all had to learn on our own to actually make the site work and how quickly we were able to adapt to problems and challenges that we faced.

What we learned

Although the team may not always be on the same page in terms of the direction of the project, a solution and a compromise can always be reached with enough effort and patience.

Don't limit yourself to what you know but be willing to stretch yourself to accomplish greater things.

What's next for Dear Diary

The web-app can become a place for users to share their diary entries to inspire and motivate each another. To personalize their experience, we want to add the ability to see a compilation of videos based on tags to reflect on changes in yourself in the past year. In addition, users would be able to change their affirmation entries according to interests. We hope the platform can help users manage stress and show their improvements in mental state.

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