Many people in California and around the world are impacted physically and mentally by COVID-19, wildfires, and various social justice movement. In the case of COVID-19, many people are not informed about the existence of new technologies that can help alleviate the strain of the virus on healthcare workers and communities. People may also have difficulty finding others to share their feelings due to isolation. Finally, while society faces a pandemic, it is also important to stay safe and informed. This is why we created COVID-19 Infinity. It's a web application that focuses on informing users about high-tech solutions to COVID-19, as well as the current situation with cases, deaths, and recoveries. In addition, it provides information about how to stay safe during the California wildfires and raises awareness for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Finally, there is a part of the site that allows users to create diary entries as a way to improve their mental health through writing.

Features and Functions

The main focus of COVID-19 Infinity is on informing people about high-tech solutions to COVID-19, since many people are not informed about new technologies that are being developed to solve various problems. In addition, there is a tool on the website that allows users to see new COVID cases, deaths, and the totals for each, as well as recoveries and critical cases. There are areas of the website with information about the wildfires in California and social justice movements such as the Black Lives Matter movement. The wildfires affect a large amount of people, and proper information can help avoid uncertainty and save lives during an emergency. As the Black Lives Matter Movement gains support, it is important to understand its mission and relevance to achieving social justice. Another area of the website allows users to create diary entries in order to relieve stress caused by COVID-19 and connect with other users. This contributes to overall positive mental health.

How we built it

The project was built in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The Live Case Tracker was created using a rapid API reference to current COVID-19 statistics.

What is the purpose of the app?

The purpose of COVID-19 Infinity is to provide people with important information to help create solutions to current issues affecting local regions such as limiting the spread of the virus. It was created to help people discuss, learn more, and plan to counter the current climate in viewing important resources. The website allows people to see how the pandemic affects many issues around the world beyond simply just health problems, and how current weather events such as wildfires complicate our responses to the current pandemic. The website importantly highlights current technological solutions in combating the pandemic in different angles such as contact and identification of affected people. Beyond providing information about the pandemic, there is also a section dedicated to wildfires and provides resources on how wildfires affect society during this pandemic.

How is it beneficial to society?

COVID-19 Infinity brings many benefits to society through the amount of resources and links it provides to users. It is a website that showcases updates about high tech solutions people can expect to help them combat the pandemic, and it seeks to make users understand the severity and impact the virus has had on society. The amount of effort, technology usage, how different organizations study and apply solutions to the current issues surrounding the pandemic is highlighted on the website. We hope that this website informs the public about how serious is, and how making their actions and behaviors as safe and cautious as possible can help others. We have sections highlighting issues such as social justice topics that are just affected by the pandemic as other current issues. We also provide additional resources on wildfires, a current topic in California, and how such weather events are more dangerous in this current climate.

Challenges we faced

For us, the biggest challenge we always seem to face is timing. Because different team members live in different time zones, it was difficult for us to find times when we were all available to discuss and work on this project. Another significant challenge was finding credible, reliable sources of information to provide on COVID-19 Infinity. The challenge was the incorporation of different types of information to be shown on the website. We had to make certain that the sources provided on COVID-19 Infinity were accurate and would serve the current needs of the users.

Accomplishments we are proud of

The accomplishment that we are most proud of in this project is the incorporating of an updated live statistics section on the website. We knew that we wanted some sort of live statistics counters on the website in order to make it relevant to current events. This counter would show users how serious the pandemic is, and our website can help them practice safe behaviors such as social distancing and wearing a mask. By incorporating such a feature now, we are hoping to update the website further in the future.

What we learned

What we learned from this project is that trying to mash up different ideas and sources of information into one website can lead to messy code and conflicting priorities. This website, COVID-19 Infinity, helps users with different needs in this current pandemic. The information on the pandemic, information on wildfires, the options of users to create and share diaries, and the other sections of the websites had to be built to complement the other sections. Therefore, we spent some time debating how to make sure every section was relevant to the website as a whole and other sections of the website.

What's next for Covid-19 Infinity?

Currently, COVID-19 Infinity provides a list of resources that outline pandemic conditions and the resources users can use in limiting the spread of the virus. Since the pandemic is ongoing and conditions can vary widely depending on our actions and how the virus can possibly grow or change, it would be best for this website in the future to rely on a source or databank of information and links to resources detailing these changing conditions. The future of this application would be the ability to update current resources and include more functionality in future updates. We hope to add more tools and resources that are similar to our live case tracker in order to attract a wider range of audiences.

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