Hearing about the barriers women face when they experience violence, we came up with a way to give these women a voice whenever, where they are.

Our app is convenient, easy to use and anonymous while at the same time being professional and actionable.

What it does

Creates a chat functionality that connects people in need to a growing network of certified allies.

Take for example the website of a non-profit organisation focussed on domestic violence. They can include our add on to their website. Their counsellors can join the platform as the professional alley. When they are logged on, they will receive chat - requests from victims for their field of expertise.

A person searching for help goes to the website of the non-profit (or any other organisation that has the add-on installed), selects a category and clicks "I need help". No information is shared. They are connected with a professional within their category. They can talk about their experience and ask for advice. If they want concrete help they can ask for it by sharing their contact information, if not no contact information is shared. When they decide to leave the chat all information is lost and there is no trace of the chat.

The advantages:

  • It is anonymous, save, actionable and professional
  • It is convenient and easy to use
  • Any organisation can implement it
  • Safety: Only certified professionals can join as an alley


  • Global access for users: if Facebook offers the chat function ANYBODY would have access EVERYWHERE at ANYTIME in an environment they are accustomed to
  • Social and Non-profit organizations get access to global resources to support their users at all times

Why we chose the Name

We made the connection to Dear Abby a newspaper resource that any women in need can reach out. Also the name is gender neutral.

Accomplishments we are proud of

Great Team Work.

What's next for Dear Ally

  1. Sales: we need to get allies on board and have organisations implement the chat functionality
  2. Understanding the Users: Research, Discussions and a lot of A/B testing
  3. Add more functionalities like:
    • Language
    • Prompts to start the chat
    • Helper Links based on Geo-location
    • Review of Allies
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