We wanted to work with analyzing emotions

What it does

Deanna Troi is a Slack integration that monitors the emotional range / mood in a Slack channel and responds appropriately when Slack channels reach certain thresholds of emotion. For example, if anger in a channel becomes dominant, Deanna will post some happy cat pictures, inspirational quotes, or "chill out!" messages in order to diffuse tension in the channel. As female software developers (plus Chris!), we are concerned about the levels of harassment sometimes faced by women who enter the public sphere online. We wanted a way to monitor communications, and, if they have too many trolls or negative comments, to try to redirect the conversation to a more positive path.

How we built it

Python, Flask framework, deployed on Heroku, using the Slack API, using the IBM Watson sentiment analysis in order to rank emotional content.

Challenges we ran into

We did not successfully integrate all the pieces and deploy the app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integration of different APIs

What we learned


What's next for deanna

We'd like to get Deanna to have a wider range of responses to different kinds of emotions (right now it just ranks anger, joy, disgust, fear, sadness). And also get Deanna working in multiple Slack channels.

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