Being gamers, Discord is something that we both use often to communicate when playing games but the built-in tools to manager your server are fairly bare-bones, so we decided to create some of our own!

What it does

  • Censors chat of blacklist words
  • Allows server owner/admins to mute users in text channels, or just kick or ban them with commands
  • Allows creation of polls
  • Can post random gifs or gifs based on a search query
  • Can play audio from YouTube videos in voice channels


  • !blacklist_add {word} - adds a word to the blacklist
  • !blacklist_remove {word} - removes a word from the blacklist
  • !poll start {time in seconds} {vote options delimited by commas} - starts a poll
  • !poll vote {option} - votes for an option in a poll
  • !gif {search term (optional)} - returns either a random gif or one based on a given query
  • !mute {user} - adds the user to the muted group
  • !unmute {user} - removes the user from the muted group
  • !kick {user} - kicks user from the server
  • !ban {user} - bans user from the server
  • !admin_add {rank} - adds a rank to list of ranks that can run 'admin' commands suchas mute and kick
  • !admin_remove {rank} - removes a rank from the list of admin ranks
  • !join {channel} - joins a voice channel
  • !play {youtube-url} - plays the audio from a YouTube url
  • !leave - has the bot leave whatever channel it is in ## How we built it We built the bot in python using the library as a backbone and are running it all on a vm using google compute engine. The Giphy request api was also utilized to fetch the gifs for the gif command ## Challenges we ran into
  • Full implementation of youtube song playing (works but is not perfect)
  • Getting use to working in python

How to get DeanBot

Discord link below will allow you to add DeanBot to your server NOTE: bot needs administrative perm in discord to function

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