I received a game called "Keeping it Saxy" (starring Kenny G) for Christmas from a secret santa exchange we do in our circle of friends. Since we're all parents, we hadn't yet gotten around to playing it. I wondered, is there a way I could allow anyone to play most any board game, virtually over the internet?

What it does allows you to distribute and play cards over the internet, even if you have to keep them a secret from yourself. By flipping your phone over and keeping the card face down, you can send a hand of cards and track the current state of your game with your friends while you play over video chat.

How I built it

I used SignalR, Knockout.JS, .NET core to construct a near-real time card game experience.

Challenges I ran into

Time constraints which lead to a less than optimal look-and-feel (especially the home page), and a healthy dose of the standard technology issues that seem to crop up in a situation like this (looking at you Microsoft and your decision to not host .NET core 2.2 apps on Azure app services).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I like the overall functionality of the app. While it can be a bit hectic to host a game, it does a good job of relaying all the necessary information about the state of the game so players get a pretty good board game experience.

What I learned

I like Knockout.js and I should probably be using more often instead of writing so much Jquery. SignalR is great and low friction as well.

What's next for DealMe.Cards

I'd really like to create a better home page and work on the look and feel some more. If people use it, I'd also like to implement some computer vision features to detect the card and crop it so it's more true to life. Perhaps a better desktop experience and multi-device experience.

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