As a team of high school students, struggling to balance extracurriculars, make straight As, meet up with friends, and still get some sleep, we found that many of our peers are troubled by silent diseases: anorexia, bulimia, depression, anxiety, and more. To raise awareness for these issues and provide simple solutions/actions that every person can do to support one another, we built a memory game for children, seeking to reform the social stigma against mental diseases from the bottom up.

What it does

Our game is centered around three illnesses: eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. At each level, the user must match two cards. Level 1 involves matching comments to an emotion. Level 2 involves matching hurtful comments to an "X" and helpful comments to a check mark. Level 3 matches statements of mental illness victims with positive, supportive quotes made by friends.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design and implement a website of our own creation. To create the game itself, we used tips from an online open-source memory game to get us started and added modifications as needed. Because of our modern programming style, this website is fluid and will work on both laptop and mobile devices (phone, tablet).

Challenges we ran into

At first, it was really difficult to come up with a solution to such a large problem! Still, we were able to pinpoint a cause and focus on one aspect of the issue. In so doing, we came up with the idea of a memory game for children...but the next issue was actually coding it! Working together, however, we managed to create our very own JavaScript game hosted on a website of our own design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to actually make a game with graphics! All four of us are avid programmers in high school; though we have experience coding, we have never made a playable game before. We are so proud to have created a game that not only works and is visually appealing, but also has immense potential to educate and alleviate the stigma of mental health issues.

What we learned

Tons of stuff! For starters, we got the experience of working with both front-end and back-end coding. For the first time, we dealt with User Interfaces. We also worked together and learned how to collaboratively come up with solutions and integrate all ideas. Ultimately, we learned to combine the serious aspects of a nationwide problem (mental health unawareness) with the simplicity of a memory game.

What's next for Dealing With Feelings

Currently, this is just a local website. In the future, we would like to host Dealing With Feelings on an actual website and convert it to a mobile application for ease-of-use. Furthermore, we can expand this game to raise awareness for other diseases as well (i.e. cancer, autism, etc.)

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