We saw the usual means of advertising as something that is not easily accessible to small businesses around the world nowadays. Whether we talk about facebook advertising or having your business posted in a newspaper, a business owner must weigh the potential advertising investment against it's return value. We decided to tackle this problem by providing small business owners (mainly targeting businesses that sell a product) with a cheap and wide-reach service of advertising.

What it does

There are two different workflows for a user, based on whether they are a potential client or a business owner.

The (potential) client - Once authenticated, a client that is connected to the internet is able to search for deals (items for sale) that are near him through his android phone. Once he clicks a deal, a unique code is stored within his application; he may show this to the store owner offering the deal.

The store owner - A store owner lists items that he offers deals on (possibly a discount). A list is kept of all the clients that have registered to buy an item listed by the store owner. Once the store owner sees basket the code of a client and validates it through the app (or web service), he applies the promised discount.

How we built it

Ruby on Rails on the server side, Android on the client side.

Challenges we ran into

Not being able to implement all that we wanted. Deciding on our technologies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working API and learning Android.

What we learned

Coffe is life.

What's next for Deal

Running on 300 dollars of AWS host time; possibly turning dark side and starting to send DDoS attacks.

Illustrious API link: Sends JSON responses to links such as /stores/1 - all items a store has registered, /stores/1/items/1 and /baskets/112233 (basket of a customer)

Team card - 6 of Clubs

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