We ourselves are broke college students who try to get the best bang for the buck. We were inspired to create something that helps everyone out. Thus, we created Deal?!, an app that helps you decide when to buy the things you want. We named it Deal?! because sometimes we wonder if an item is a good deal, and with Deal?!, those moments of indecision are forever gone!

What it does

Deal?! is an app for iOS, Android, and Web that lets users view trends and purchase hot items on the market. Users can use these trends to decide when it's best to buy an item. The best thing is that trends are backed by real data that ensures the user will get the best deal possible.

How we built it

We built Deal?! using Ionic framework, which allows us to code in TypeScript + Angular and deploy our app to iOS, Android, and Web. We connected to NCR's API to obtain various items and their prices. We wanted to display those items in a quick, fluid way, and Ionic really helped us do that. Additionally, we connected our app to Firebase so that we can keep track of trends for each item. For example, the user is able to find out the current price of an item from the real time NCR API and the last known price of that item from our Firebase backend.

Challenges we ran into

We had a tough time integrating everyone's work together. Errors are bound to occur when merging with git. Some of those errors cost us a few hours of precious time. However, we are happy to say that we overcame those errors. :)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to come together to create something awesome that each of us would practically use. We have learned from experience that one should not try to find a solution to a nonexistent problem, so we took a step back and tried to understand our problem early on. Because we decided on a problem that not only allowed us to help out others but also applied to ourselves, we were able to work together successfully.

What we learned

We had a great time along the way. Every member was put in a situation that was outside of their comfort zone (be it with a programming language or with a lead role), but we all prevailed in the end. We learned the importance of communication, and we learned how good Insomnia cookies taste (especially when you're hungry). Overall, we had a great time making Deal?!.

What's next for Deal

We are hoping to continue development on Deal?! in the near future because we enjoyed it so much. A couple things on our road map include notifications for price tracking and per-user favorites. We want people to be notified when a certain item is within a custom price limit that they set. Additionally, we want to give the user the ability to login so that they can access their favorites across all devices.

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