What is it?

DeadBeat is an online game designed to help you learn how to match beats with a song. While the song is playing, you can click or type on your keyboard to match the beat of the song. An indicator will let you know if you're on-track.


Imagine you're in a crowd enjoying a concert. Everyone starts clapping and it sounds amazing! Then, as time goes on, the clapping drifts away from the music until the two seem completely unrelated.

Isn't it horrible? We wanted to offer a website to help fix this! Here, you can learn to match a beat and get some practice doing so.

Fueled by Passion - And Other Things(tm)

The project is a JavaScript web application using Phaser.js hosted as a Web App on Microsoft Azure. Music was found on FreeMusicArchive.org with titles, artists, and licenses available in-game.

Bumpy Roads and Troubled Waters

This was our first time ever building a web application or using JavaScript. To build this, we had to learn an entirely new language, an entirely new library, and still piece together all of the content for the project. It was a ton of fun, but this would probably have turned out a bit more polished if we possessed experience coming into this.

Also, as it turns out, audio/input latency can be a major issue. Some machines run this fine, others can hardly play due to the audio/input lag. No idea how we could make this better. I've been told (@pjdecarlo) that this isn't going to be an easy problem to fix.


Our Finest Hour

Randall: The coolest part of all of this was, I think, the fact that we put all of this together using technologies we were completely unfamiliar with. That, and our sick beats, yo.

Denise: tiredly rolls eyes You can't ask me question like this right now.

Lessons Learned

Audio is difficult. It sounds easy, but it's not.

You have to be sharp or your project will fall flat. This doesn't come naturally.

When you get stuck, it's important to not lose your rhythm. Sometimes you have to pick up the tempo by switching to another task.

I should have brought my ukulele.

JavaScript. 'Nuff said.

What's next?

We're actually pretty happy with where it is right now. Perhaps this could be expanded towards more music training.

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