We wanted to find some way to expand our useless, surface level c++ knowledge and make a useless, slightly less surface level program (through the act of learning and trying something new).

Our goal was to figure out how to play sound and make the program look pretty because our basic C++ class didn't teach us how to do any visual or audio aesthetics... aka the most important thing about a program.

What it does

It takes your temperature in Fahrenheit and converts it into 3 different temperature scales we made up with 3.232 minutes of sleep. We named them after ourselves (bringing honor to our names) and our role model, Big Shaq. You have absolutely no choice but to go through the program to find a temperature in Big Shaqs while being sassed.

How we built it

We took a hammer and some nails... and set them to the side to type some C++ letters because all of the hardware parts we wanted for a different project were already taken. We just wrote a basic program to determine the Big Shaq temperature with some basic equations. Regina could've written it. The main work went into google searching and drilling the CS people for help trying to figure out how to add snippets of Big Shaq's song. We found the libraries and that allow us to add the audio.

Challenges we ran into

We actually have no idea how to build a program. Our hope was to make an app, but you can't do that without knowing how to write much code. We tried building on our slight C++ knowledge from a class we took long ago in a place far far away. Debugging made us want to take the hammer and nails to our computer screen. We ran out of time to figure out visual aesthetics so we just used our tears and some pure c++ obsidian to create the background.

We began building late into the night because we were on some other project that we weren't really into. This gave us very little time to scavenge exactly what we wanted together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WE GOT SUM AUDIO AESTHETICZ aka we found out how to code some sound. Damn. Also we made a bad a$$ random function to determine the BS (Big Shaq) temperature scale.

What we learned

We learned how to put a program together and have an inking on how to make an app with visual studio. We learned about using classes and putting in functions. We also figured out how a random function works (omg so cool %%%) and the difference between some random functions.

What's next for Dead Meme Temperature Calculator

WE WANT AESTHETIKZ. We still want to figure out how to make our flawless code something an artist would appreciate.

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