Do you rely on the escalators and elevators of the NYC Subways because you push a stroller, are carrying large packages or have a broken leg? Then this app is for you!! Locate the outages on a map!!

✔ When the app is activated, it downloads the outage data file from the MTA and locates it on a map (the file is updated every 5 minutes) 

✔ All the important info in each entry is displayed. Multiple outages in one location are grouped

✔ Orphan outages (not locatable from the station data file) are displayed in a picker (For ex., Pelham Barn, or 207th Signal Shop), so all the outage data is shown

✔ Picker doesn't display in the landscape view, so you don't have to see it if you don't want to 

✔ Picker has satisfying "click" when scrolled

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