• The NetLume Hive System aims to be an intuitive human and machine readable knowledge platform for real-time systems with data analytics.
  • Our solution relies on an ontological framework for data modelling and real-time analytics.
  • We want to leverage interactivity with our system to communicate results and discuss solutions in a natural way.

What it does

  • Ask her about the closest attraction to have fun.
  • If you are impatient, give her additionally a maximum waiting time in line!
  • Or ask her directly about the attraction with the lowest time to wait.
  • Ask her about the next restaurant to satisfy your thirst and hunger.
  • How about asking her for her favorite attraction or restaurant?

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

  • its not as flexible regarding intents
  • keeping up conversation based on previous answers is something we have to further accomplish
  • keeping the deadline

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • That we have a working chatbot at all is a first for us

What I learned

  • working with and combining services from multiple sources
  • the current state of chatbot technology
  • we now have a lot of ideas on how to improve and tackle the next projects with chatbots!

What's next for Red Princess "Hera"

  • Add information to or extend the ontology in order to answer more questions.
  • Answer in a state-full manner (i.e. incorporate previous conversations).
  • Integrate the chatbot into a real NetLume system with real-time data!
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