💡 Inspiration

  • Solving coding assignments/exercises are easier said than done!
  • To many, thinking of a solution to approach a LeetCode style problem isn't hard, but translating it into code causes many programmers to hit a coding block similar to a writers block that an author may experience.
  • Unable to move forward, you become further stuck under the time pressure of the assignment resorting to external sources such as Stack Overflow, Chegg, Course Hero and more.
  • Not only does this put you at risk of plagiarism, but it also hinders your ability to learn and move forward as a programmer!

⚙️ What it does

  • de-duck allows one to move forward with a video based style approach that allows beginner to expert level programmers get a guided solution from mentors to any problem!
  • Uses discord for mentor and mentee authentication to ensure our platform is a safe environment for all individuals

🛠 How we built it

  • For the front end we used Next.js, react, javascript, Chakra UI
  • For the backend we used node, and express
  • We used supabase for authentication and to store requests to a database
  • Used Web RTC with socket.io
  • Deployed the front end on vercel and backend on google cloud

💣 Challenges we ran into

  • One challenge was maintaining a high retention rate to keep mentors and mentees on the platform, as once a relationship between a mentor was formed, our web app becomes obsolete
  • Developed a tier program for mentors, so that they get rewarded for continuous involvement through our web app
  • Keeps mentors on the web app thus forcing mentees to continue using our platform
  • Second challenge we ran into was pushing things from local to production because things started to break and fall apart very easily.

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Ability to implement discord to authenticate logins as it was something we were all new too
  • Used discord webhooks to push requests directly to a discord server where Mentors have the ability to view requests and click to join the web app meeting seamlessly!
    • Created a very material and simple UI that has high functionality and simplicity which is something that is hard to find.

📚 What we learned

  • Grasped a bigger knowledge on devops
  • Production builds are different than development builds.
  • How to use google cloud
  • Planning is key to staying on track as a team

⏭️ What's next for de-duck

  • Introduce a pricing based subscription service
    • Offers students to ask a set limit of questions in return of a fixed rate
    • Encourages students to ask more questions and retain the subscription service so that we can improve and reinvest back into the platform.

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