The challenge was "How can large commercial spaces be reinvented for the work from home (WFH) world?". The task was limited to improve the WFH experience and you couldn't make an alternative use of the commercial space. With this limitation, I knew the current workplace had to be used as is. While some individuals prefer the current WFH, others are looking forward to a hybrid model. Yet, a third group longs for the office space - the camaraderie of colleagues, the water cooler conversations, and having a separation from work-home. This app is designed for companies to help the latter two groups of people.

What it does

De-densified is a reservation system application that allows companies to set up their reservation profiles on a common platform. Employees can search for their company and branch location in de-densified, and companies can set up a new profile. Employees can only book spaces at the company where they work. In setting up their profile, they can upload company info, including office details, company logo, floor plans, etc. They can designate spaces as being blocked so that social distancing is maintained (for example, disallowing adjacent cubicles to be booked) and allow people to book for 48 hours so that everyone gets a chance (this can be adjusted based on company size)

How I built it

Prototyping in figma

Challenges I ran into

I did this project solo because I had commitments to my husband and in-laws. I spent 8-10h on it, including the time to come up with an idea and figure out how to execute it. This is my first time deciding on design, colour, placement, and it was HARD for me. It's never been something I'm good at but I appreciate the process of prototyping an idea + designer/ui/ux input - it makes a difference to create something and visualize it before getting into the technicals

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that I conceptualized what I wanted to do and how I wanted to carry out

What I learned

How to use figma

What's next for de-densified

finish the prototype, make the application !

Built With

  • figma
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