Earlier this year, with the distribution of vaccines, we saw elderly waiting in long queues for their dose of vaccine. Also, with a number of private retailers providing vaccines that are hard to keep track of, we see a need for a single point of information regarding appointments and access to vaccine.

What it does?

We love Maps! We could not have imagined the pandemic without the JonHopkins Data Dashboard of Covid Cases. The app offers a spatial location-based solution to drug administration. The app can be used by general public, vaccine providers and health administration at all levels.This hack for Social Good aims to help people with disability and population with special needs in gaining access to vaccine related information near them and help them plan their visit to get their shot of vaccine.

Features of the app include:

  1. Lists all vaccine providers (Hospitals, Private Retail providers etc.) within 10 mile radius of user along with up-to-date information on vaccine availability, address, hours of Operation, current status etc.
  2. Provides information related to Accessibility support, Wheelchair -Accessibility at vaccine sites to help elderly and people with disability in planning their vaccine appointments.
  3. Provides health administrators with data on current vaccine status (awaited, received, received 1st dose etc.) updated by users, which can be used to plan vaccine logistics, manage inventory, set-up new sites based on demand etc.

How we built it

  1. The Front-End was built using HTML+JavaScript+CSS+Bootstrap and uses Esri ArcGIS javascript API for map visualizations, hosted on Google App Engine.
  2. The Backend is developed using Flask hosted on Microsoft Azure App Service.
  3. CockroachDB Cloud cluster used for storing user data.
  4. The Vaccine providers data is accessed from URISA's GISCorps data API link

Challenges we ran into

The challenging part of the development was learning ArcGIS javascript API from scratch and implementing it. Learning how spatial concepts like Buffer work and retrieve the right set of data from the data API. Also, I faced issues in hosting the back-end to Azure App Service, gladly I had help from Microsoft Sponsor representatives in fixing the issue. :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of the fact that, we were able to use the power of Cloud platforms to enable deployment and implement a highly scalable app within short amount of time. Also the app is capable of supporting large number of use cases and extended in many ways with new features.

What we learned

Use of ArcGIS javascript API, hosting apps using GCP, Azure and CockroachDB.

What's next for De-Covid?

The app is capable of being extended with a range of use cases as shown in the images. The data can be used to analyze vaccine efficacy in different regions, re-evaluate social distancing measures on micro-level. The app can be extended into a social media app to reconnect with people nearby having received their vaccine.

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