Even though there is tremendous value in recording and sharing traditional small scale K-12 lectures, this isn’t done because of the high technological complexity and cost. Also, students from the 3rd world do not have access to a quality education like we do in America. We wanted to build something that will help educate the poor and unfortunate.

What it does

We used a 3D printed stand to transform any laptop into a Smart Overhead Projector. A teacher can present PDF files along with a live stream from the Smart Overhead Projector. The entire lecture will be recorded from the laptop, with a transcription of the teacher's voice (powered by IBM BlueMix API) and a link to the PDF file. We will eventually have a collection of lectures from different classes and teachers. Students from around the world can now search and relive any lecture at anytime and anywhere.

How I built it

The laptop stand was printed by Cubify Cube. The voice transcription is done by IBM BlueMix. The database is done with Back&. The app is written in HTML5/JavaScript as a Chrome Extension.

Challenges I ran into

-prioritizing time to tackle technical issues -learning 3D modelling on the fly -learning new APIs (BlueMix and Back&)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a finished working product.

What I learned

The BlueMix speech API is harder to setup than Google Speech API, but it is well worth the time. This is because it is more accurate and it breaks down sentences with punctuation and time stamp.

What's next for De Mobo Classroom

We will make this into a real product.

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