Addiction to various substances is a major problem in the United States. It is estimated that over 20 million people in the US have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. While talking to SAMHSA, we realized that technology has a huge potential to solve the addiction problem. That is the inspiration behind

What it does does two things:

  • gamifies addiction management by giving rewards to people for completing streaks of abstinence.
  • tracks the health and bank account data of addicts to predict locations of drug suppliers by using machine learning

How We built it

We built an iOS application and a web application. The iOS application is for customers to build streaks, gain rewards and see 'Tip of the day'. The Web application has an admin portal that is used to examine health data and analytics of all the people using this app. We used CapitalOne's Nessie API to get transaction details and give rewards.

Challenges We ran into

The biggest challenge was obtaining a data source to train the machine learning algorithms and track transactions. We had to build several scripts to create a pretty big data-source that consists of diverse people with different health, location and financial stats.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started by empathizing with people addicted to different substances and made a user story. The UX of our web and iOS application is aimed at engaging an addicted person. This good experience that aims to de-addict a person is what we're proud of.

What's next for

Use geolocation and more machine learning to accurately identify opioid sources. Make the application more engaging so that the gamification actually transforms people.

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