Many colleges in rural areas have very limited options for getting rides to bars or other nightlife venues. Unfortunately, this often results in students making poor decisions when planning their weekend outings, like driving under the influence of alcohol. We noticed many students will post in college Facebook groups offering to drive people to and from bars for reasonable prices. DDrivr offers a centralized solution where drivers can find fellow students in need of rides and get paid for driving them.

What it does

DDrivr connects student designated drivers with their peers so that they can get around town safely. Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable experience for passengers and drivers by only allowing students from the same school to be paired for rides.

How I built it

We constructed the back-end API using the Slim 3.0 and PHP. We opted to implement token authentication on our own as a learning experience. The mobile app is written in Swift for iOS 9. We implemented 3D Touch for the iPhone 6s, several custom UI elements and custom transitions, and a driver and passenger interface.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing token authentication was challenging, but we managed to finish in time. Prioritizing technical decisions and product decisions given the time constraints. Very little sleep.

What I learned

We learned about proper RESTFUL API design.

What's next for DDrivr

From a product standpoint, we'd like to promote DDrivr as a safer alternative at colleges we know have this issue. We'd also like to provide additional safety by working with university security to monitor rides. We have yet to implement a payment system. We plan on using Plaid and Stipe in the future to accomplish this. An android version is definitely needed as well.

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