Recommendations: Afrika Tikkun USA

  1. Create an event around Nelson Mandela’s (Founding Patron) Birthday July 18th coordinate with South African chambers of commerce
  2. Develop a donor’s page on the website
  3. Too much content on the website, messaging needs to be succinct with clear indication of impact
  4. Partner with local and multinational companies to donate service hours to organization for technical service or involvement in local version of their community service
  5. Coordinate programs (under services: i.e. Youth Skills Development Program) under Leadership & Entrepreneurship Center
  6. Connect w/ Boys & Girls Club chapters in US to create partnership
  7. Need more racial diversity in leadership to attract US audience; demonstrate investment (walk the talk; black may feel they are not really interested in investment; white may feel blacks are not interested in engaging; they are to be benefactors only
  8. Offer chance to win a trip to South Africa; your logo or they can create a sustainability and corporate responsibility seal

Dream Defenders Website needs more information about who you are and what you do to attract new recruits Organizational tools include:

  1. Basecamp (project management tool)
  2. Podio (allows uploading of documents, programs, etc.)
  3. WAZE
  4. QR Code for notifying others when you are arrested to go to your lawyers and other DD activists in the area.
  5. Arrest Rights downloadable as part of the app
  6. Check out Millennial Activists United and like groups to grow network and strategize

UNCF Rebrand to not just offer educational opportunities to people of color, but as an incubation space for young leaders and entrepreneurs of African heritage; Identify competitors and current and future users: current competitors are state schools that offer lower tuition and more services or elite private institutions with more resources, Could better target African donors and prospective students Update motto – A mind is a terrible thing to waste; to something that is more active and possible using words like (stronger minds build better futures, investing in stronger minds, empowering communities…etc.) Develop/collaborate with innovation center in communities and churches around HBCUs to create a pipeline of potential users of the HBCU innovation centers

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