Virtual transfer of energy

What it does

RPB is a crystal radio designed to receive close range radio waves and convert the energy of those waves into voltage that can be used to power other devices. Unlike the traditional crystal radio, ours does not use a hand-wound coil, but rather a component inductor that allows us to tune higher frequencies.

How we built it

The crystal radio is the simplest type of radio. Essentially, it consists of a bandpass filter coupled with a rectifier that takes in radio signals, filters unwanted frequencies, and converts the signal to direct current to be output into an earpiece. We tuned our radio to detect high frequencies above the FM range in order to derive power from the circuit. We also built an accompanying React application where we implemented our own system to collect audio data from the microphone which could then be used with a proper FM transmitter. We also used Firebase Authentication and Databases to store information about users such as the frequency of their transmitter etc. With the appropriate hardware, this system can easily be integrated with the transmitter.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, the receiver circuit would not produce a high enough current to light of the LED, roughly hovering near 1.3-1.5V. But after tinkering with the circuit and trying components such as jewel thieves, we were able to raise the voltage to 2.3-2.9V.

We also built our own radio transmitter, but unfortunately, were not able to implement it into our entire circuit because we do not have the tools to determine the exact frequency our transmitter produced. (include how it could be used)

Applications of RPB

RPB can have vastly impactful applications when it becomes optimized to be used by consumers on a daily basis. Once the circuit is optimized to produce higher voltages and compressed into the common mobile device, DD2 can allow for power transfer between devices. (insert details regarding the app and importance of this transfer of energy)

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