Tyler: I have people who are close to me that struggle with decluttering and organization skills, so the idea was that everyone could benefit from a non-biased, supportive, life coach-esque chatbot.
Jon: I was drawn to the ideas of reuse and resource recovery, and the importance of those concepts in building a sustainable future.
Federico: I am very passionate about sustainability and therefore was all about developing a system that could help someone hold a more responsible household while improving their own lifestyle.

What it does

Clutterfree is a multifaceted personal lifestyle tool that helps users meet regular living space cleaning and maintenance goals.

How we built it

We developed using Java in android studio and collaborated using git and GitHub. We separated into roles. Tyler worked on assistant implementation and Google Cloud DialogFlow integration. Jon researched use cases and built the library for resources. As the strongest Android developer on the team, Federico architected the app and designed the UI/UX.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the chatbot to work. Trying to incorporate Notivize (tried so hard). Learning full android app development in under 48 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

integrating the DialogFlow API into our program. Most of our team never having developed android apps. not dying

What we learned

crash-course in android-studio, java, DialogFlow, Recycler view, Rooms

What's next for Declutter Systems

well-trained chatbot, further polished UI/UX

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