In pre final year of college my laptop got stolen, at time I got to know how hard it is for a programmer to live without a laptop. Later to address the issue I came up with Dcoder, a mobile platform for programmers ( IDE ), now they can code on their mobile devices in 35+ programming languages.

Why Dcoder?

In developing countries like India not every student owns a laptop, which becomes a big problem in their programming and code learning career, Dcoder efficiently address this problem by providing tool to code on mobile.

What it does

Dcoder is world's fastest cloud based compiler on mobile.

Dcoder lets you code on your mobile with 35+ programming languages, not only you can code, you can debug the code and learn algorithms and competitive programming while competing with the fellow coders ie the international Dcoder's community of coders in the challenges happening on Dcoder. You will be ranked in Dcoder's Global leaderboard based on your algorithms skills.

How I built it

I have done most part of the backend in node.js and mongodb, while some of the parts are made in C# and python too. On the client side, the android app is build natively with java. As pre built code-editors for web create problems on mobile, I had to build code editor from 0 with all the regex for all the languages for syntax highlight and other features like code format.

The compilers works on cloud servers, the code is sent to a server using rest api for compilation and the result is shown on the app in output section. The rest api's are build using node.js and mongodb.

What are the features

• Code Now gives you a full featured code editor with syntax highlight like features where you can execute programs and script in languages from c, cpp, python to perl, ruby, kotlin and many more. Download and try to see a full list of supported languages.

• Design Now: Design now is like codepad for web designers, they can code single page applications with js/html/css without the hassle of linking them manually, Dcoder does it on its own.

• Algo yo: Algo yo lets you participate in coding challenges and competitive programming contests, where you can earn xps and rank in Dcoder's International Coder's Leaderboard.

• Leaderboard: Shows Top 10 Coders from the Global community.

Challenges I ran into

As code-editor like codemirror and ace available for web were causing issues on mobile. I decided to built the code editor natively with java, as it could give me more control over how deeply i can engineer it with features and still stay top at user experience.

I wasn't a regex expert and building a code editor requires you to be a master of it, I have had sleepless nights while building it because Dcoder supports from languages like brainfu*k to kotlin, syntax highlight and code format had been difficult to engineer because the languages either not used a lot or being new in the coders community.

It was also difficult to build a cloud compiler, as you are giving open access to everyone to execute codes on your server, it required me a lot of study to understand and resolve issues like where user can execute infinte for loop and which can bring the machine down and thus can bring the servers down.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

• Dcoder helps more than 100 thousand coders/developers monthly by making them code on their mobile.

1 Million+ downloads on Google Play.

• Dcoder has been featured on and

• Awarded Gold Rated Qrate Card by Government of State Rajasthan, India

What I learned

I learned a lot of stuff while building Dcoder :

• Multiple programming languages

• Sandboxing

• Regex

• nosql database and complex queries

• Startups and business

• Problem solving skills

What's next for Dcoder : Mobile Coding Platform

The goal is to build the largest community of coders across multiple platforms

• The web platform for Dcoder

ios app for Dcoder, so that coders feel connected across the platforms and sync their progress and codes throughout the different platforms. For example someone started code at desktop, can later switch to mobile to complete that and viceversa.

• Code repository features like code sharing, fork, rate codes on Dcoder.

Byte sized lessons and unqiue tutorials for Dcoder bringing problem solving, code writing, code tinkering and reading solution of others at the core focus.

Hopefully a brilliant finish at the Facebook Dev Circles Hackathon

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