I was working on another application that uses the dClimate API to show a weather dashboard. I thought that it won't be a bad idea to show datasets in a Postman Visualizer.

What it does

Displays weather factors from datasets in a visualized method. It has two tabs, Overall and Hourly or Daily. The Overall tab contains a line graph of the averages for the whole year. The Hourly or Daily tab contains a datepicker for selecting the hour or day for when you want the data. As a bonus, it displays RMA Codes in a table format and lets you view the metadata on datasets in a more visualized format.

How we built it

I displayed the code in tabs using Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Styling - It's not my best subject :) Finding Units - I had to run a bunch of 10 second API calls to get the units on different datasets in metric and imperial units

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to actually create the web app properly :)
  • Learning Postman Visualizer

What we learned

  • Using Postman Visualizer to visualize API data
  • Using Bootstrap to style web applications

What's next for dClimate API Visualizer

Maybe adding support for more endpoints and making the data in the Hourly or Daily tab more visualized for more datasets.

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