dckx is the news aggregator of the future! Tired of boring world news? Can't get enough programmer humor? Read your Times headlines in XKCD panels!

What it does

Creates a unique comic xkcd panel based off of the most recent The New York Times' headline.

How I built it

In order to run, dckx has a large precollated library of source material. The materials consists of webscraped XKCD graphics, caption text, and executive summaries drawn from Input is tokenized by, then fed into, which uses several techniques to match each token to a proper comic panel. These panels are recombined in an output comic, which is displayed for the user's convenience. The panels were spliced using OpenCV and contour recognition.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up OpenCV with Python

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

OpenCV Web-crawling

What's next for dckx

Improve Natural Language Classifiers to more accurately analyze text and create better matches between xkcd transcripts and news article headlines.

Built With

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