There are many households throughout our islands that have very slow internet or worse yet no internet connection at all. This is a big problem because it limits their access to critical emergency information and it also lowers their overall quality of life.

The DCCA would like to facilitate to help close the digital divide, but current options are expensive, invasive, and limited in capability.

Our solution is cost effective, because it's simple and easy to use for both the public and the DCCA. It's not invasive like the Whitebox because we do not need hardware, volunteers, or constant monitoring. In short, the DCCA gets all the needed data to make effective and timely decisions without having to buy and rely on third party data.

Basically, how it works is people go to the website, chose if you they want to do a speed test, report no internet, or see the map. If you're with the DCCA, you can log in to see more detailed information. In the end, the DCCA is happy, because they got every that they wanted.

Nevertheless, through our communication with the Debby and Jeremy at the DCCA, we saw that the challenge was not in building the perfect website or app, but getting enough people to it.

So we took our project a couple steps further and figured how to get more people to get more data to us. Besides the traditional marketing and collaborating with the community, we are adding a HonuButton that shows their speed on demand and submits it automatically to DCCA. Users can also report slow or no connection by simply texting an address.

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