Growing popularity of Blockchain and promise of NFT and Digital assets is what drove us to build a one stop shop for NFT and DeFi protocols.

What it does

Dcart is aims to be an aggregator for NFT and DeFi protocols across blockchains. Provide a unique experience and tools to users to explore, transact with ease for any blockchain.

How we built it

Dcart uses latest technology stack to build the application. It is built on cloud so we can easily scale. integrates with popular wallets and signup methods. Use google firebase as the backend and Angular as front end MVC. Uses blockchain specific APIs , javascript libraries for integration with various blockchains like ETHERIUM, EOS, WAX etc.

Challenges we ran into

Simplifying NFT search and providing unified solutions for all blockchains data so user can have smooth experience while exploring NFTs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to integrate with prominent Blockchains that are running NFT and DeFi protocols in good volumes. Able to integrate popular wallets like Metamask, Wax etc.

What we learned

Provided simplified solutions, would bring interest of all new or experience blockchain users.

What's next for Dcart - Multichain NFT Marketplace

We would like integrate dCart with blockchains that supports quicker user onboarding and NFTs. Become a onestop shop for all NFT and DeFi trading and introduce value added services later point in time

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