As far as I know, not so many journalism students (some of our friends included). The reason is it's too hard to pick up the path, especially in countries like Viet Nam, with data scarcity. Hence, we want to streamline their experience for such aspiring student, in hope leveraging a new generation of journalists.

What it does

Users can to collect up-to-date scientific articles and get helps with climate journalism just but asking with their voice.

How we built it

We use AWS Lambda Serverless Service to enable Amazon Alexa of collecting articles and answers tips on journalism.

Challenges we ran into

It is the first time we build a VUI application and also the first time we employ Lambda, so there was a lot of struggle at the beginning. Fortunately, everything is intact now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It feels like Alexa is a relative and we have taught her to do great stuffs to help other people.

What we learned

A lot! Now we know how to use AWS Lambda and how build VUI application, which presumably is the future of application.

What's next for [DBTFC] Alexa Journalism Toolkit

Of course we would need to further refine it. Alexa, too, holds a lot of potential.

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