A friend of mine runs a financial company and they wanted to integrate some of Solana's DeFi protocols into their existing product. After a few weeks of trying they gave up.

Why? It's just too hard. Too much jargon, too many new concepts, each protocol has its own SDK which is written and maintained differently. Just too much. was built to fix that.

What it does let's developers access the most important protocols in Solana's sprawling DeFi ecosystem through a single, unified RESTful API.

All endpoints return a standard respone: a set of instructions + additional signers required for the chosen action. The only thing left for the developer to do is to sign the transaction with their keypair and fire-off to Solana (for which we also built an SDK).

For the developer this means:

  • They don't need to learn rust
  • They don't need to learn how Solana works besides the basics, like what's an instruction and a signer
  • They don't need to find / understand / learn to use SDKs for specific protocols
  • They need to supply a lot less information than if you were to interact with protocols yourself (we fill in the gaps)
  • They can combine multiple instructions into a single transaction (we make sure they fit)
  • They can combine multiple protocols into a single transaction
  • All in all, we think this makes DeFi on Solana much more approachable to non crypto-devs

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

  • Splitting transactions to fit into Solana's transaction size limit. Our SDK automatically breaks up transactions until they fit, which means the developer doesn't need to worry about it at all
  • Standartizing actions among protocols into endpoints.
  • Automatically creating missing accounts so that the user doesn't have to (eg token accounts)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • 4 protocols currently live, fully functional! (Serum, Mango, Solend, Saber)

What's next for

  • moar code

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