Andreas Antonopoulos, Muneeb Ali and Santiago Siri provided the initial spark that led me through the Bitcoin looking glass. I find inspiration daily across the crypto world from people like Simona Pop who presented the Eth Bounties project at CogX to the crazy tech guys like Vitalik Buterin and Olaoluwa Osuntokun who seem unbelievably knowledgable across the spectrum of issues raised by this technology. I also really like Ivan Liljeqvist.

What it does

dBid is a peer to peer auction platform and marketplace allowing people to trade directly using bitcoin as a means to exchange. Facilitates every day use of bitcoin - not just trading and hoarding!

How I built it

dBid is my second Blockstack app and builds on the lessons learnt with It brings my professional experience with auction software together with the new technologies needed to build a decentralised platform that looks and feels like the traditional internet.

Challenges I ran into

Funding is a problem but the lack of it has taught me how to be resourceful and the fact that we have 6 or so people giving up time in one way or another to help with the project is a real source of encouragement. Finding the time to pay attention to all areas of the project; content management, user engagement, automated testing etc etc is an ongoing challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole thing has been an amazing journey - on the technical side making a payment through dbid using a Zap wallet the other day was a thrill. Much better than all the technical achievements though has been managing to build a small team around a shared belief in the transformative possibilities of bitcoin technology.

What I learned

So much. Since leaving my job early 2018 I've set up and run bitcoin, lnd and geth nodes - built smart contracts, learnt/learning grpc lighting interface. We have run several meetups which always bring new and interesting projects and points of view. If one thing - probably to be more decisive - pick one thing and go for it!

What's next for dbid

We have a road map that includes;

  • provenance - introduce merkle trees for asset registration to reduce costs and bloat,
  • payments - improvements to user on ramping - integrating ways of enabling fiat in btc out etc,
  • bidding - build a decentralised, secure and transparent bidding engine,
  • auctions - increase engagement and reach with event and webcast auctions,
  • messaging - use webrtc to facilitate collaborative and social trading,

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