Vikas was in Yellowstone over his summer break. He encountered multiple difficulties with planning and scheduling, especially since his family knew absolutely nothing about Yellowstone.

He yearned and he yearned, for an app that would whisk away his issues. But all he got, was a tissue. Now comes a contender, all alone. Ready to be more than just bone. Oh code and code did Vikas and Jason. Time, the eternal guardian being the foremost frustration. Out of this HackMIT companionship, did rise a dayTrip.

What it does

Allows the user to book an entire trip, flights and hotels included.

How we built it

Android Studio - Kotlin, MVC, Single Activity Design Pattern

Challenges we ran into

Azure. Azure lacked documentation in some places, and other times wasn't giving enough logs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Adopting and rigorously following industry standard Android guidelines. Creating an entire API from the ground up with no prior experience in API creation.

What we learned

mBaaS is hard.

What's next for dayTrip

Finishing up features, adding more polish, deeper integration with Azure (to make use of Cognitive Services).

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