Personally, I find self-care one of those things that's really difficult to keep up with, and difficult to know what to do. I find it pretty boring. Hence why I decided to make this program to help anyone like me who doesn't know where to start or just can't be motivated to come up with things to do. My mum is big on 'mindfulness' which is something I never really cared about before, so I decided to look into it and see how it might help people in my position.

What it does

The GUI is designed to be as minimalist and calm as possible to get you into the right frame of mind. There are 2 main functions. The 'Inspire Me' button will give you a popup containing a randomly selected idea for a self-care or mindfulness activity based on a bunch of stuff I collated from different wellbeing sites. If you don't fancy the idea you get, you can re-roll as many times as necessary. The tasks are quite small and manageable as they're designed to be 'baby steps' on the way to self-appreciation - it's no good throwing people in at the deep end with this kind of thing. The second function is the 'I Need Help' button, which takes the user to a directory for mental health and wellbeing support contacts for a variety of groups/circumstances.

How I built it

It's built in python and tkinter. I just got done with a Java unit in uni, so I decided I wanted a change of pace from that language and this is my second ever foray into using tkinter for GUI design.

Challenges I ran into

As I found out during my first run-in with tkinter last week... it's quite finnicky at times. Thankfully with python the learning curve is never really steep, but it's still a hassle trying to figure out what the compiler expects of you sometimes. For example, I spent a long time trying to get text to go in the right places and sorting out spacing of elements. The second challenge is that I was disadvantaged for time as my weekend has been split between this hackathon and a conference.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got a working program that doesn't look like absolute oatmeal. That, and I also made an executable so this can be downloaded by anyone who wants to have it on their computer for whatever reason, without needing python.

What I learned

I'll be honest - coming from Java, GUI design is one of my least favourite things; I'm much more of a back-end guy. I learned from this that making a GUI can actually be something quite artsy and fun. I also learned a lot more about self care from my research for this project, which I suppose can only be a good thing.

What's next for Daydreamer

If I happen across any more great ideas on how to practice self-care, I can update the repository with those things added into my idea generator. I may also add some more functions if I can think of anything interesting.

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