Inspired by the Spurious Correlations book and website. We thought of making a modern fast reactive site for finding spurious correlations in lots of time series data sets. We started with the data set of various causes of death over time, because it was the funniest in a morbid sort of way.

What it does

Finds correlations between different causes of death over time and charts them. Includes super fast as-you-type filtering of thousands of data sets.

How we built it

We designed a custom binary time series data format (btsf!) that allows bandwidth and memory efficient processing of large amounts of time series data.

This is processed using typed arrays in JS on the client and using Rust on the server. All the DOM and canvas rendering is efficient custom code so that it can render thousands of graphs in milliseconds.

Challenges we ran into

Rust is too type safe, it makes it hard to do anything when you are a newbie.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How fast it is. Everything is crazy efficient, it can render hundreds of graphs on your screen in real time as you type filtering a dataset of thousands of time series.

It also looks nice and works well.

What we learned

Rust, JS typed arrays, speed!

What's next for dayder

More data sets! Also hosting on the web, tooltips when hovering over graphs, and polish. And it would be nice to have the ability to submit your own time series data for correlating.

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