InnovateNYP Appathon Submission - DayByDay

DayByDay improves the patient and family experience by providing an easy way for users to know their care team and what to expect for the day.

It allows patients/parents to see the faces, roles, and credentials of all of the people involved in their care for the day, so they know who they will be interacting with and for what reason.

The app also shows their schedule for the day so that they are well prepared for their appointments. Caregivers can anticipate when the encounters happen with the patient's schedule, the parents can come in and accompany the child when there is an MRI.

Pediatric patients and parents can take notes easily on their phones for questions they have for their care team and items they need to remember later. This will improve patient care by helping parents to remember important details when they go home.

Much of the confusion that children and parents face when coming to the hospital stems from a lack of clarity about who they will be meeting with, when they will be meeting with them, and for what reasons. DayByDay is the cure for this confusion.

Team members

Govin Vatsan

Martin Li

Gina Maman

Nele Jessel

Sumeet Banker

Judith Dufault

Craig Limoli

Jonathan Chen

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