I travel a lot, and ended up missing out on a few of the great must see locations. So I wanted an app that made it easy to plan your days, and share those with anyone else. The idea is an app that you can plan your trip and what you are going to see within a few minutes, so it is as easy as possible. You could do it on the airport bus!

What it does

It gives you access to over 1,500 cities, and all the must see locations within them. You pick your city, then choose how you want to spend your days by swiping left and right to add locations to days. This lets you easily plan your trip, and then you can email it to anyone interested.

How I built it

I built it in Xcode with objective-C. Used a library for swiping MXCardsSwipingView. Since we have so much data, we can't store it on the app, so I used OpenShift to store the data for all the cities, as well as the images for all the must see locations.

Challenges I ran into

I hadn't done a swipe like UI before, and I couldn't get it quite right. Eventually I found a few good library, and managed to get MXCardsSwipingView working with the must see data.

The app didn't make it into the app store in time, so I have to create a crashlytics beta version to distribute.

The amount of data was a lot, over 1100 cities, each with 100s of must see locations, data and images. Then making that easily accessible using an API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a UI that I think is easy to understand, and makes sense for most people.

An app that can create a trip for you in minutes.

What I learned

I learned not to re-invent the wheel and look for libraries first.

I learned to ask people to test your app UI to see if it is easy to use and makes sense.

I learned how easy it is to use OpenShift and redhat middleware to improve the performance of downloading data, and make it easy to scale up the app.

What's next for Day Tripperz

Make it easy to follow along to a trip when you are actually in a city, including directions on how to get to the next one, and information on local cafes, eateries, etc...

Ability to add your own must see location.

Ability to add timings.

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