My goal for this hackathon was simply to create something, and although it is not incredibly complicated, I was able to succeed. This is a very minimalist weather application for the iPhone, based upon comparisons. In my day-to-day life when I look at the weather, I usually compare it to the weather of the day before, to figure out how cold or warm I was, and then adjust my clothing based upon that. This app makes the comparison for you, telling you quite clearly whether it is much cooler/warmer or only a bit cooler/warmer. Although it is not the most scientific, in my field tests (yesterday compared to today...) it works quite well! It uses the iPhones GPS to locate your current location for accurate weather reporting. It is also able to tell you the current weather conditions, along with a pretty icon representing the condition. The background color changes depending on the severity of the temperature change from the past day.

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