With the transition from in person classes to online schooling, students often find themselves struggling to pay attention or keep a schedule. Some students may claim to succumb to laziness, procrastination. Others may be battling this mentally, finding themselves overall unmotivated to do engage in coursework.

What it does is an iOS and Android app that aims to resolve that through enabling 'study' or 'work' sessions with proven study techniques like the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that balances Work or Study Sessions with short Break Sessions. With, users are able to attack their time management problems head on by cutting down interruptions and defining set objectives. Instead of just being a normal Pomodoro timer, extends beyond by allowing users to plan their study sessions for the week and create custom sessions.

How we built it

We first planned our app through discussion on ideas pertaining to the Remote Education track. Figma by making low-fi designs. After, we proceeded towards deciding our color palette and fonts and we created our shared Github. We built using React Native, React Native Paper, Redux and Expo, ultimately making our app compatible for both iOS and Android users.
Over the duration of the hackathon, our group split the screens to develop the basic functionalities and front end of each screen. After, we focused on specific roles pertaining to our strengths. We stayed in calls over the course of the timeline so we could effectively discuss plans.

(see images attached in files)

Challenges we ran into

Given the remote setting of this hackathon, we found it rather difficult to resolve any merge conflicts and debug together. However, we were able to resolve this through being verbal in our call and communicate every step we took to produce certain errors. Aside from communication issues, we were also challenged by the frameworks. For all of us, it was our first time using React Native and this was a great learning experience! We had two first time hackers who were able to adapt to the hackathon environment

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to build a Minimum Viable Product over the span of the hackathon. We thought that this was originally tough to do but throughout the timeline a lot of aspects started to fall into place.

What we learned

We learned more on the Pomodoro technique and its effectiveness in encouraging time management. We also learned React Native and the navigation of Expo. It was also our first hackathon in a remote environment and we found it interesting to just sit in front our our computers and just code not being able to see each other in person.

What's next for

If given more time, we definitely could implement more features to! We would've loved to include more functionalities and personalization with our app to allow users more freedom and flexibility.

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