We know what kids learn during school
  • Schools teach similar concepts in primary, secondary and high school
We know what students learn at university
  • University teaching varies by faculty and department but concepts are same

We don’t know what people do at work

  • Work is different across industries and can be learnt only from people at those industries

What it does

Allows people to login (through social media) and explore what people do at work across industries. By using the web application you would be able to read about experiences of professionals from education, e-commerce, finance, hardware, medical, oil and gas, software, telecommunication, transport and travel industries. You can read as many experiences as you like. There is also an option for you to reach out to a particular professional with an option to add a message when you reach out.

How I built it

Before I started building the application I asked a couple of questions through a survey.

  • Do you want to know about what people do at work daily (across industries)?
  • Are you willing to share information about what you do at work (non-confidential information)?
  • Will you share your identity to help aspiring individuals to know about your work(or company)?

After analyzing the survey results I built a prototype with Sketch (design tool) which helped me in going from idea to prototype which communicates how the product would look.

Finally, I decided to build a web application using tools like React, Firebase, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

I haven't learnt about React (javascript library for building user interfaces) before this hackathon, so I had to learn about React in a relatively short time. In terms of concepts, it was different from other frameworks so I ended up spending some time going through the tutorial and main concepts in the official documentation site.

I had minimal experience with firebase through other side projects. This time I spend more time reading through the documentation to understand various features provided by the platform.

In terms of implementation, there were different challenges like making the web application responsive and easy to use on a mobile device. As Firebase stores data as key-value pairs, I spent some time to figure out the logic of getting the next experience to read in the web application. In terms of code, there were a lot of refactoring in order to follow the best practices mentioned in the React docs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to get a lot of responses (100+) from people in various industries to fill out the survey. I ended up private messaging a lot of people (on Facebook, Whatsapp and LinkedIn).

The fact that I was able to learn a new library, host the web application on a domain and build a first version of the product which anyone can use by logging in through social media.

What I learned

I learnt the importance of understanding the problem from a users' perspective and also building something that people want. Getting validation or interest from target customer before designing or building product ended up deciding which features would be part of the web application now.

What's next for Day at Work

Talk to users and build features based on the interaction with these users. Reach out to different target customer segments to figure out which segment of customers are most important at this stage. The Day at Work is a two-sided platform so there needs to be good quality work experiences which would incentivise more people to log in and read about such experiences. The immediate next step would be to reach out to people (to get quality work experiences) and increase the number of monthly active users.

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