I chose sustainable living to develop a solution to the inconsistency or lack of electricity in South Africa. My target audience would be people who live in rural areas. My research has shown that a 8 million out of 19 million people that live in South African rural areas don't have electricity. My idea will help these people to receive some light as well as help the existing product that has been created in the Philippines. My solution, Day and Light, is low cost because existing products are being reused to create a new product and a few things to improve the product has to be added which will perhaps bring the cost up a bit but still be affordable for the target market. My idea comes from the product created in the Philippines where a 2 liter bottle was filled with water and bleach and placed through a roof where sunlight can reflect off the water and create light for a big area. It can also be a modular unit where more bottles can be added for more light to come through. The idea I had is to print the steps on how to create this product at home, on the inside of the cooldrink bottle label. Whether the people pick up bottles on a rubbish dump or buy the bottles at a store, they will still have access to the steps. The product developed into having a small solar panel at the top of the container with a small LED connected and hanging in the water and bleach solution to be able to supply light at light as well.
I want to spread awareness of this product as well as improve the existing product. Seeing as my product is made of ready made products and only a few costly appliances have to be added, the product stays feasible for the target market.

Industrial Design has taught me how to design to solve solutions. I have the skills to produce prototypes and sketches of ideas as well as the knowledge to create a digital example of the products.

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