We noticed that we have a lot of puppy destressing events on campus and thought this event wouldn't be available to everyone. As a solution, we wanted to have this opportunity open to those who are unable to own dogs.

What it does

Users can click and see various puppies that are owned by local people. Users are also able to contact the owners to possibly meet up and interact with the puppy in person. As a result, it can de-stress those who may need it.

How we built it

We used JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Before we thought of this idea, my team had other app ideas. Due to the lack of knowledge in building Android apps, (and the short amount of time), we decided to go with this idea instead. During the process of building our web app, many of us had to learn Git, HTML, CSS, and JS from scratch. We had many merge issues due to some member not knowing how to use git.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many of us had never worked in a programming group nor have we ever attended a hackathon. For those of us that qualify those, we are very proud to be in a team.

What we learned

Majority of us learned how to program in HTML, CSS, and JS because of this hackathon. Although we not experts from this, we are proud of completing our idea.

What's next for Dawweee

We're looking to expand our reach in the community such as becoming national (or outside of NYC). We want more owners to join our site from various locations around the U.S. so that more people can meet and share the love and positivity of pets.

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