We wanted to make something in VR that goes beyond games and interactive experiences. This is a basic version of our ultimate goal, but we believe that VR is a very unique and effective way to streamline your productivity and we're excited to make that happen!

What it does

Dawnbreak is a VR space with integrated APIs feeding you information, ambience, and peace through technological integration and design. It is intended to make you feel at ease while simultaneously guaranteeing a healthy and solid planning start to any day of the week.

How we built it

Henry Hunt built the gaze UI and terrain using Blender. Brendan Smith dealt with UI art design, environment, and soundtrack/ambience. Tiger Ruan integrated the AccuWeather API and To-Do List from text.

We all helped each other on many occasions and crossed into each other's roles.

Challenges we ran into

These roadblocks in particular cost us huge amounts of time:

  • Unity C# and json, difficulty dealing with json array root
  • OculusVR had terrible support for height matching in VR (we eventually switched to SteamVR)
  • Workflow without great knowledge of Git/GitHub. We used a built-in version control of Unity that allows collaborators.
  • Time management in general

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Very smooth and pretty much as immersive as we could try to make it.
  • It works!

What we learned

Oh boy... We are first time learners of

  • APIs
  • Unity/C#
  • Blender
  • Project Workflow with Pull/Push

It was a lot a lot a lot of fun!

What's next for Dawnbreak

We don't know yet because lack of VR access. But shoutout to Professor Andrew Gill for starting up a VR lab at University of Kansas. Dawnbreak may not have seen its end yet!

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