Many resources to assist the homeless populations of California counties exist. However, finding the services one needs can be laborious. We sought to create a utility which would allow the homeless population, with an emphasis on those displaced by the Camp Fires, easier access to local resources such as food banks and shelters.

What it does

Provides a web application for locating different services.

How we built it

The data is stored in a Google Cloud SQL database. Using Google Cloud Functions, we created an API to retrieve this data. Finally, we created a web page to retrieve and display this data accordingly.

Challenges we ran into

Learning the Google cloud platform was challenging. No one in our group had worked with serverless computing before, so we had a lot to learn!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an application that we feel has a great potential to help our community.

What we learned

How to work in on a team project under time constraints with no clear leadership.

What's next for Davis Displacement Database

To increase the functionality of Davis Displacement Database, we may increase the number of resources in the database. We could also implement algorithms to determine which resources are highly sought to help the community gauge how to improve.

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