• Local tourist guides, museum audio guides
  • Games that involves interaction with the location
  • Sticky notes written by the community in coffee shops

What it does

The David app aims to improve the people's experience in the City of Munich with the help of gamification tools. The user can write stories about a building while roaming around the city and the stories are categorised into a particular genre with the help of Machine Learning.

The fun part is that the users can read stories written by other people about a particular theme and can upvote or downvote them, then the gamification part comes into play, there is a leader board of stories based on the number of downvotes and upvotes it has got and attractive badges also appear on the profile of the user based on the number of stories written by the user.

Main Goals of the App

  • Creates an environment where people can share and understand each other's ideas.
  • Encourages people to step outside and explore the city and its many stories.
  • Customized travel spots for different interests in various story categories.
  • Is entertaining and informative at the same time.
  • Help passionate story writers to improve their skills based on the live assessment done by the readers.
  • By using this app, the users can improve their imagination and creativeness.

How we built it

Swift - For the app and the UI
Java - For the backend server
NLP - For the story categorisation
Python - To implement Natural Language Pre Processing

Challenges we ran into

  • Since the app is written in different languages and different platforms, it was a challenge to integrate the various parts together
  • Collaboration of the app with the database/ server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We built an iOS app that reads location and use it to extract information from server
  • We trained a Machine Learning model that predicts the category of a given note
  • We built a HTTP server that uses the local computer as database

What we learned

  • We learned about implementing Bag of Words pipeline for the story categorization part
  • How to locate device on a map, use the location information
  • How HTTP servers work, how to build one from scratch

What's next for David - Cold City Warm Stories

  • implement the circle of radian around currently location, so that nearby notes will also be accessible
  • Recommendation system of notes that might be interested to users with the help of machine learning
  • Use AR on mobile phones to scan buildings, read sticker notes attached to the buildings, we could even integrate video and music into this AR game so that the user might feel like living through someone's story.
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