My mum was complaining to me how she couldn't find any online delivery service to deliver groceries for the next two weeks due to the surge in orders since the Coronavirus. She then said that she didn't know how my grandparents in India would have been able to handle getting groceries if my uncle wasn't with them. This led me to think that not everybody is as fortunate as my family and a lot of people would be unable to get groceries, especially the elderly and people with special needs.

What it does

As a result of this, my teammates and I decided to create an app which would connect the elderly and people with special needs to healthy volunteers who can purchase groceries and supplies selected by the clients. The app requires users to create a profile and include their phone number and address(this will be used for interactions between the client and the volunteer). They will then have a feed which shows them orders from people closest to them(using the built-in GPS system) along with all the order details as well as preferred payment methods. They also have the option to put out their own order which has a very simple interface to make it as accessible as possible. More will be explained in the video.

How I built it

We used a software development environment called Xcode which is used to make IOS applications because of which, we used Swift to program. We are currently using a local database to host account details however with more time we can move this to an online database.

Challenges I ran into

We found it quite difficult to collaborate. When together in a venue, it is very easy to just look over at each other's screens and make sure everything is correct and help each other out, however since this is a remote challenge, it takes a long time to screen share and make sure everything is clear with each other. Additionally, due to the increase in wifi usage since the coronavirus pandemic began, it is quite laggy at times and takes time to upload everyone's individual updates on the shared git repository but we found if we were just patient then all our problems would be solved.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One thing I'm very proud of is that we've been able to successfully create an app even though we aren't together. Another is that we were able to sharpen up and use our swift skills despite not using them in a while. We were also able to adapt our prototype under time pressure and we were able to quickly adjust it so that it fit the criteria as well as it could.

What I learned

We learned a lot about how to code in Swift and how to use Xcode during this project. We specifically learned a lot about the various frameworks and how to implement them into our code in the most effective way.

What's next for DavenDash

For the future, we would like to partner up with big supermarkets such as Cold Storage or NTUC so that we can have access to their food databases to see both their stock quantity and prices. We believe this will be a mutually beneficial partnership because since we are a completely non-profit organisation, they will get 100% of the money whilst also selling more than they usually would as we act as a delivery service, increasing their sales as well. In return, we will be improving our user experience as we will have access to their database and they will also be promoting our app to increase users.

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