During my grandfather's third hip replacement, he was placed on a large amount of anesthesia. He was unconscious thirty minutes past the time his surgery concluded. Other patients needed the doctor’s attention and the doctor understandably left my grandfather with the nurses. When my grandfather awoke, he was left with nurses who did not know how his surgery went. My grandfather did not know whether his surgery was a failure or success. He tried calling the hospital up to three days after the surgery and did not receive any information from his doctor. He was very stressed. To reduce this stress, we connected Alexa to healthcare data.

What it does

We created voice commands that tell Alexa to access healthcare data and create whatever statistical properties we wish to receive.

How we built it

We used Alexa Skills Kit on Amazon web services for Alexa. We also used ngrok to launch the server.

We used R to process online data sets as sample tests. Specifically, we used "DE1.0 Sample 1 2008 Beneficiary Summary File" as our dataset at the following link:

Our two R coding scripts created: -finds the highest correlation of any two pairs of variables and graphs the plot -creates boxplots of every variable in file

Challenges we ran into

Setting up Alexa was difficult.

Accomplishments that we proud of

Getting Alexa set up.

What we learned

Team coordination, scheduling, and communication skills.

What's next for datum

We will continue editing Alexa to respond to more R scripts. This could also be used for data analytics.

Built With

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