Sometimes during midterms or exams, college libraries can get incredibly packed and you find yourself trying to find an open table or seat at one of these libraries. The searching takes time and nobody wants to go up and down the floors trying to find an open space. Hence the birth of Dats Ma Seat Tho.

What it does

We have a setup of ultrasonic sensors that we use to collect data and determine whether or not someone is at a table or not. This information is then displayed in a mobile app where you can see visually which of the seats are taken.

How we built it

Data collection is by Arduino which is then send over the network via REST to a Java Spark backend. Persistent storage is achieved by connecting the backend with a PostGres Database. The mobile app is developed using React Native. We also integrated Amazon Alexa and wrote the logic in Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

It was extremely difficult to have the Arduinos send over the data via network to our backend. The wifi modules we were given had limited documentation and aren't exactly the easiest tools to work with.

What's next for Dats My Seat Tho

  • Utilize better hardware instead of relying on ultrasonic sensors. Not the best thing in the world
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